Nelson SDN Design

Nelson SDN Design is an architectural and engineering company located in Northern Westchester. It is a professional company that thrives on helping its clients Misión “Fulfill all their Architectural and Civil Engineering needs”.

Nelson SDN Design has over 10 years experience in the development of any residential or commercial project, providing security in meeting deadlines and budgets, using the best construction practices and quality. For this we have an excellent team, technical and administrative staff, ensuring their complete satisfaction.We are committed to you, your and your family welfare is our main goal, so we offer the best team, with extensive experience and the best human and professional qualities.

Nelson SDN Design was founded 10 years ago, with the main objective to develope any residential or commercial project. At the same time contributing to the community by.

  • SDN has a unique understanding of the challenges faced by Spanish speaking immigrants. SDN has designed and implemented a 14 section course entitled ¨Basic Concepts of Construction.¨ The course covers the basic concepts of construction, which are carpentry, masonry fields, as well as a comparitive analysis of construnction methods and materials. The students are also taught to read and interpret architectural blue prints, as well as to use tools such as rulers, scales, and calculators.